Cognitive-Behaviour Group Therapy

Have you been suffering with depression or with a somber mood lately? Have you been dealing with persistent anxiety, despite your attempts to overcome it?

Cognitive-behaviour therapy is an action-oriented therapeutic approach that has been scientifically proven to treat depression and anxiety. It is intended for individuals with mood and/or anxiety difficulties who wish to benefit from an 8-week group therapy.

The goal of group therapy is, among others, to allow you to better understand your current state as well as to develop tools to improve your mood and to better manage your anxiety in an interactive setting. Acquiring these tools and the skills that accompany them can also help you adapt to future situations.

During 8 weeks of psychoeducation, practical exercises, group dialogues and home practice, you will learn:

  • What are depression and anxiety, as well as the mechanisms that maintain these psychological states
  • How to act to break these mechanisms and improve your mood
  • Various relaxation techniques
  • How to better understand your emotions and their function in your life
  • How to recognize and reinterpret counter-productive thoughts
  • How to better manage interpersonal conflicts

CBT in French

CBT is for you if you currently: 

  • Feel depressed, including symptoms such as low humour, a feeling of void or despair, low motivation or lack of interest, excessive negative thinking.
  • You have difficulties with excessive anxiety, acute stress or anxiety, panic attacks, social anxiety, phobias or health-related anxiety (hypochondria).
  • You have somatic symptoms such as: muscular tension, feeling restless, over excited or nervous, having trouble relaxing or sleeping.
  • You feel irritable, excessively tired, you have difficulty concentrating, you notice changes in your sleep and/or eating habits or appetite.


Other treatment options:


  • If you feel well, but you would like to acquire tools to prevent relapse of the symptoms above, MBCT is better indicated for you.
  • If it is too difficult for you to take part in a weekly group (for any reason), individual cognitive-behaviour therapy would be ideal for you.


Important: If you have a severe problem with substance abuse or alcohol, or if you have had psychotic episodes in the past, this probably is not recommended for you.


Orientation session

The mandatory orientation session is an important step towards your registration to the CBT program at MindSpace. The mandatory orientation session is included in the program costs and it is required for all participants prior to starting the program. It allows participants to:


  • Be informed about the CBT program for depression and anxiety and ensure that it is a good choice for you
  • Meet the therapists
  • Meet the participants of the group
  • Have a glimpse of the methods and approaches to which you will be exposed during the program
  • Ask questions about the program
  • Complete your registration

Participants will watch a group presentation about the CBT program and will have a short interview with the therapists to ensure that CBT corresponds to their needs. In the event that the therapists believe that the CBT group is not adapted to your needs, you will be offered other options of a refund of your registration fees. For more information on our cancellation policies, please refer to our FAQ.